Miguel Nùñez Rauschert

Miguel Nuñez Rauschert


Born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1954. He began painting at a very early age at the Montevideo Art School.  At 19, he left for Buenos Aires and La Plata (Argentina) to continue his studies at the National College of Fine Arts : nine years of training during which he began exhibiting, on his own and with others, notably at the Reguan Gallery with Miguel Melcon and Juan Carlos Lasser.


He settled in Paris at the end of 1982, a mythical  and sought after city, where  he has two parallel activities : painting and teaching art at the Ateliers of the Decorative Arts Museum. He exhibits in France and in Europe (Madrid, London) and in the US (Miami, Washington).

In 1996 he again exhibited in Buenos Aires, at the Recoleta Cultural Center, one of the richest and most dynamic art venues of the city, and also presented his works at the Praxis Gallery.

In 2002 he was invited to exhibit for the first time in Montevideo, his birthplace, by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

In 2007, he organized his first personal exhibition in London, at the Cervantes Institute.



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